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Astronomy: sun, moon and planets as God showed us ever since Day 1

Earth, Sun, Moon, other planets and moons - the TRUE STORY, revealed first

Facts about the skies, known ever since Day 1 vs. the Heliocentric BIG LIE
In the beggining people knew the Truth, visible to naked eyes by gazing into the skies, i.e. Geocentrism:
- moon, sun and planets orbit the earth;
- earth and moon do not rotate.
One of the obvious signs of God for the perfect Harmony of Creation and for the special role Earth and Humans had, were total solar eclipses.

Then the illuminati begun fooling people into believing the opposite, i.e. Heliocentrism, the mockery of the Truth:
- earth and planets orbit the sun;
- moon and earth rotate.

Short after that, God allowed people, by letting them use telescopes, discover that in fact:
- the sun rotates;
- the other planets rotate;
- the moons of the other planets rotate.

So the only visible planet or moon that does not rotate was our moon, a sign to help people understand the illuminati deception.

Facts about God, known ever since Day 1 vs. the Evolution BIG LIE
Then (1) the illuminati begun fooling people into believing the greatest of all the lies they ever created, Evolution, the mockery of God (2).
Very short after that, God allowed people, by letting them discover the dinosaurs, see that other worlds had existed on Earth before.
Later God allowed people, by letting them discover more about the dinosaurs, that in fact would Earth rotate that would be the end of their world.

Theory of Relativity 1919 - the celebration of the Illuminati Triumph
1919, the illuminati declared Theory of Relativity official, using a solar eclipse in Equatorial Africa. One of the goals was to complete brainwashing people that there is no line between GOOD and EVIL.
But it was also a celebration of how successfully they managed to brainwash the sheep with their mockery of the Truth and of God. In particular to upscale to the utter limits the acceptance of the invisible formula, the mockery of Science (3).

Last Generation of Evil - the Last Signs
As the last generation totally brainwashed by the Illuminati was born, God again helped people undestand the illuminati heliocentric BIG LIE, by letting them go into space, and later by letting them place satellites on space.

Short before the end of the Tribulation, 2004, God helped certain people, by letting them see sunspots with naked eye (4), understand that the cosmic equation for this world changed, i.e. that Final Judgement Day was upon them.

And finally God changed the orbit of the Sun (5). Just enough to let everyone have one more chance to understand how completely they were fooled by satan.

But even at this point people refused to accept the Truth. Once again End Times Prophet had to be the first to reveal it, long after the process begun. "Coincidentally" and "irnocally" just as the illuminati "revealed" the "discovery" of a second "Earth"... (6), almost as far away as the stars. Oh, wait a moment, where are the stars in all of this? (7)

The Irony of God for Illuminati End Times
Total solar eclipses in Illuminati End Times... when is the next one supposed to take place again?

(1) Facts about God, known ever since Day 1

(2) Also a mockery of the "human cattle", using the "survival of the fittest" hoax, which is a code for their satanic religion. The hoax, which is supposed to apply to survival of SPECIES, is in fact also a code for what their religion teaches them about how lucifer created two types of humans: the illuminati (the fittest) and the "human cattle" (the SPECIMEN whose purpose is to be enslaved and exterminated by the illuminati). 2003-2005, archived 2005.

(3) Again a mockery of the "human cattle", in particular of the "scientific community", the invisible formula was packaged as E=mc2. The problem that it was not praticable to serve a formula for Evolution was solved. This was the pre-condition for the "scientific community" from then on to accept anything.

(4) The day the sun gave the end times sign, only the End Times Prophet reacted.

(5) Sun Signs 2007 - the Horrible Truth about the Data, exposed first time.

(6) Why do the Illuminati keep finally discovering the missing planet?

(7) Stellar Parallax, Greatest "measurable" illuminati Hoax exposed worldwide first.
Go to last post to see how forum "BadAstronomy" solved the problem of confronting the Truth, besides banning Matt Marriott.
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